//ISIS-K declared jihad on People’s Republic of China.

ISIS-K declared jihad on People’s Republic of China.

IS-K – Islamic State Khorasan Province – is the regional affiliate of the Islamic State group. It is the most extreme and violent of all the jihadist militant groups in Afghanistan. IS-K was set up in January 2015 at the height of Islamic State’s power in Iraq and Syria, before its self-declared caliphate was defeated and dismantled by a US-led coalition.

It recruits both Afghan and Pakistani jihadists, especially defecting members of the Afghan Taliban who don’t see their own organisation as extreme enough. Due to which, it stands as a major oppositional force against Taliban killing major Talibani Politicians and even hurdling the withdrawal of U.S troops in late August by attack in the kabul airport.

Beijing which thrusted her inexperience into Afghan politics too is now slowly seeming to face the echoes of its decision. The late realisation of evergrowing alleged “moderateness” of Taliban from within its country and Radicalism from outside has left their government in a unique position wherein compromise is not on table, it’s either between the two, and the fact that Taliban is even putting a pretentious act to satisfy foreign powers could even be disturbing to many within its party.

China being one of those countries who were first to recognise Taliban’s rule in Afghanistan has lately been seen as one the adversaries of both the radical section of Afghanistan and the oppressed. Not only that, China’s continued oppression of Uyghur muslims of Xinjiang province, has triggered a likeability of need with many muslims nations aswell as many major jihadi organisation. The detention of millions of Uyghurs, as if it were 1984 and oppressing them on accounts of false militancy along with being the driving nemesis of Baloch people(an oppressed group of minority in Baloch region of Pakistan) due to CPEC and the land acquisition following it without any benefit for the Balochis themselves.

Lastly, AL Bakhr Baghdadi, an Iraqi terrorist and the Ex-leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has allegedly declared to stage a full scale jihad against the atrocities against the Uyghurs and also many Uyghurs were recorded training in Iraq along with Iraqi terrorists. As of recent sources which were obtained out of China’s high security supervision, two teachers were kidnapped and killed as of yesterday.